Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Experimental Climate Monitoring and Prediction for Maldives – December 2014


Above average rainfall was observed in southern islands of Maldives where up to 190 mm rainfall was observed at the end of November and this is the highest rainfall observed in this year in any part of the country. The rest of the country received below average rainfall during November. Very heavy rainfall is expected in the sea west of Maldives in the next few days. Most of ENSO prediction models indicate a weak El Nino condition during December to February.

Rainfall Anomaly over Maldives in November 2014. Areas in green received above average rainfall while areas in brown received below average rainfall.

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  1. Monthly Climatology
  2. Rainfall Monitoring
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  4. Rainfall Predictions
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    2. Seasonal Predictions from IRI

Monday, December 1, 2014

Experimental Climate Monitoring and Prediction for Maldives – November 2014

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Up to 100 mm rainfall was observed in Central to Northern islands of Maldives in the first three weeks of November 2014. Extremely heavy rainfall is expected to continue during the next week in the same region as well as in the north-eastern sea of The Maldives. Despite this heavy rainfall, the precipitation received has not been enough to shrink the rainfall deficit persisted for several months.  

Image: Rainfall anomaly continues to grow in Northern islands of Maldives. The same is observed throughout the country