Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Experimental Climate Monitoring and Prediction for Maldives – August 2019


Monitored:  During August, northern and southern parts of the country received rainfall above than is normal for the season; and central islands received below normal rainfall. The Southern Islands have an excess of 400 mm of rainfall during last year compared to the average while the Northern Islands are having a deficit of 375 mm and Central islands a deficit of 200 mm. The sea surface temperature around the Maldives was 0.5 0C above normal. 

Predictions:  IMD GFS model predicts up to 10 mm of daily rainfall in the northern and central islands during September 3rd - 7th. On the 8th, rainfall up to 10 mm is expected in the entire country. Long Range Weather prediction models simulations anticipate total rainfall up to 25 mm for the entire country next week.
Total Six-Day Precipitation Forecast

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  1. Monthly Climatology
  2. Rainfall Monitoring
    1. Daily Satellite derived Rainfall Estimates
    2. Monthly Rainfall derived from Satellite Rainfall Estimate
    3. Monthly and Seasonal Monitoring
  3. Ocean Surface Monitoring
  4. Rainfall Predictions
    1. Weekly Predictions from NOAA/NCEP
    2. Seasonal Predictions from IRI