Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Experimental Climate Monitoring and Prediction for Maldives – March 2017


Monitored: During March, northern and central islands received above average rainfall while southern received climatological rainfall. When the cumulative rainfall over the last 365 days is considered, the Northern Islands have a deficit by 300 mm compared to the average annual cumulative rainfall since 2003 of 1500 mm. An increase in rainfall was observed in the entire country during the mid-weeks of March. Rainfalls received by the northern and central islands are the highest rainfalls recorded in each region during the past 6 years. The sea surface temperature around Maldives is 0.5 0C above average.

Predictions: IRI seasonal prediction predicts climatological tendency for rainfall for Maldives until June. El Nino prediction models suggest ENSO-neutral conditions. Long Range Weather prediction models simulations do not anticipate heavy rainfall in the next week although the Southern-most islands shall can receive up to 20-40 mm/day.

Northern islands received up to 300 mm of above average rainfall in March

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